A Christmas Wish

Peace on Earth Oil on paper

Wishing you a peaceful, Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

My painting: ‘Palymra Burning’ was part of the Malvern Art College 2019 exhibition.

The horses in the picture are based on a Palace frieze from the Neo-Assyrian Empire (934-609BC).  My idea was to bring the horses to life by painting them in colour. Then I imagined what they would see, if they were to time travel forward to the present century.

In the background they find the Roman Ruins of Palymra, burning. 

In 2015 Isis set the World Heritage Site on fire, then tortured Khaled al-Asaad, aged 82, Palymra’s head of Antiquities, to get him to reveal the location of treasures. When he refused, he was executed. A link to the story is here: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/18/isis-beheads-archaeologist-syria

Palymra’s ruins pale in comparison with the more than 400,000 people killed over the course of the Syrian crisis.  The destruction of the site was intended to terrorise the Syrian people.

This Christmas whatever your faith, I hope that you can take a moment to pray for peace.

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